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A Hotel with Character, from the Staff to the Spaces


Over time the spirit of female resourcefulness has transformed and retransformed what used to be the family home, a typical Udinese building that follows the ancient walls that enclose the historic centre of Udine

Today the Suite Inn Hotel is a hotel with character, with original solutions in carefully restored spaces, preserving the atmosphere of the past through genuine architectural elements, such as beams, exposed tiles, wooden stairs, in harmony with the modern materials and furnishings and the tastefully selected fabrics and accessories.

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It was 17 October 1987 when Elvia and Bruno Quendolo opened the door to the first guests of the Suite Inn, their House Hotel.
Udine was a crossroads of Italian tourists but of also those from abroad who entered Italy from the north passing through Friuli Venezia Giulia to discover the Adriatic Sea, Venice... Verona… Florence and further south… they stopped by Udine on the way there and on the way back…
The Province of Udine was a land of alpine troopers, barracks and young people in military service. After the Friuli earthquake in 1976, the major building works (motorway, stadium, university, hospital) launched Udine as the economic capital of north-eastern Italy.
There were faxes, business cards exchanged in hotels and restaurants to make yourself known, word of mouth as a marketing tool…

The Guest Book opened in 1998 with the three stars earned for the Suite Inn Hotel by the couple.

The new female generation joined in 2004 with the renovation of 13 hotel rooms, preserving the traditions of this precious gem with the fresh look of modern hospitality and the services that new types of travellers request, via e-mail, and then share on Tripadvisor

In 2009 we dedicated the Q_Inn Guest House to our “queen mother” with 5 residential units, modern and functional, to expand the offer with more jobs for new collaborators at the service of business and leisure tourists. Collaborations were launched in the cycle tourism, craftsmanship and food and wine sectors.  
We started promoting through fairs abroad, we brought Udine to new markets with Promoturismo FVG, the regional tourism agency.

24 February 2020: the domino effect of the pandemic also upset our little world. We no longer travelled freely, borders closed, Regions closed. We stayed in touch with our loyal guests through Social Media. We kept our light on, we waited, open. It was the New World, we welcomed it, in safety, listening to the new needs it brought.
2021, a year later. We have changed, in form, but not in substance:
The Suite Inn Hotel is Love, Care, and Services for people on the go.
We are the Suite Inn Hotel.
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